A car ride in a 2CV in the heart of paris.

Hello there. My name is Nicolas, I’m 30 and I’m Parisian.

I’ve always loved travel and loved my city, and now I am sharing my dream by taking you into one of the most well known French symbols: The Citroen 2CV.

Aboard this authentic French car, I’ll take you to discover the hidden secrets of my town, and we will make this visit a magical memory.

The 2CV, also familiarly called “La Deudeuche,” is one of the most typical symbols of France and Paris. This unusual car is original and sometimes unpredictable, but nevertheless very comfortable. Because it’s a convertible, it is the perfect place to admire the starry sky beautiful Paris.

By choosing Midnight in Paris on Wheels to explore the French capital, you will have the privilege to experience the city like no one else. Indeed, by following me on this private tour into the heart of the City of Light, I offer you the authenticity, romance, discovery and intimacy of a lovers’ tour.

Discover The Capital in Another Way

To make this unusual visit unforgettable, I suggest you to discover and enjoy Paris with all of your senses…

  • The romantic and traditional Parisian music
  • Soft blankets for night tours under the sky,
  • Chilled champagne in its ice bucket,
  • Fine chocolates and crackers for food lovers
  • My polaroid to capture this magic moment
  • A beautiful red rose for your lady.
If you wish, we will be able to stop during this trip in the Authentic Paris to take some souvenir photos. We also can perform different setup surprises such as a setup breakdown, to amuse or impress Madam or Monsieur.

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